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Check Out Our Laser Cutting Steel Machines.

Top Laser Machinery Available Only From Us.

Find Out Lots Of Valuable Info Of Laser Cutting Machines Online.

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Why an Where to Buy a CO2 laser machine?

That's a good question and one that more and more hobbyists, schools, and companies are able to easily answer. The versatility of a laser etching or cutting machine powered by CO2 gas is quiet amazing. Everything from marking i.e. etching or "tatooing" laptops and iPhones to cutting hard woods and steel the laser machine offers a wide array of applications. In its simplist form all that's needed is a laser machine and a laptop or desktop installed with graphics program like CorelDRAW or AutoCad.

Laser machine prices depend on the company selling them. Most US manufactured systems will start at $10k at the very least and the price for repairs can also be expensive due to proprietary parts. The benefit is a sharp and smooth running system that will certainly impress.

At the other end of the spectrum is imported machines. I have imported machines personally and if you don't already have any experience or have paid for a bond for importing goods to the U.S. than you're far better off buying an imported machine within the U.S. Be careful here. Lots of containers are filled with imported laser machines from China that customs would not pass leaving the buyer at a total loss.

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Some of the best U.S. Laser Machine companies include:

  • Boss Laser
  • Epilog Laser
  • Trotec Laser
  • Gravograph
  • Universal Laser
  • Trumph
  • Kern Laser

CO2 laser cutting machine is unique equipment that cuts materials with a focused beam of light emitted by a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser. This beam is directed towards a precise point on the material and the heat produced creates a small melting point penetrating the entire width of the material. Many laser cutting machines are totally automated and work by moving the material or the cutting head along the cut profile. These machines are used to cut a whole host of materials and are associated with superior cut precision levels. The price can exceed $30,000 easily.

Laser cutting technology allows operators to cut complex shapes from various materials with a high degree of accuracy across multiple material types including wood, glass, acrylic, rubber, plastics and other organic surfaces. You can focus a lasers beam over extremely precise points. Moreover, lasers have high energy that can cut thick metals easily. CNC (computer numerical control) and CAD (Computer aided design) technology allows people to make complex designs with automated CO2 laser cutters quickly and accurately.

Among all the types of continuous wave lasers available, CO2 laser is the most powerful one. Even moderately powered CO2 lasers can cut through thick steel plates effortlessly. One of the best examples that can demonstrate the capabilities of these lasers is their use in cutting steel stock thicknesses commercially; such metals are often 20-25mm thick. CO2 lasers use light beams in the 9.4 - 10.6 micrometer IR wavelength bands. Apart from being powerful, these lasers are efficient and produce adequate output to pump higher power ratios. The laser equipment also has a high cutting speed; it can cut thin materials at a speed of 140 m/min (460 ft./min).

When the CNC laser machine is used to cut metals, a gas-assist technology is usually used to ensure the cuts are continuous without the need of feathering and other related clean up requirements. The gas-assist technology involves focusing a high pressure inert gas jet onto the melt point when cutting. This would not only remove melted material from the cut but it would also increase laser's thermal efficiency on some materials.

Apart from cutting, CO2 laser machines can also be used to engrave different materials. Laser machine engraving involves marking materials without using inks or tool bits; which often makes the engraving surface to wear out. When it comes to buying these machines, there are many online dealers offering laser machine for sale. The laser machine price will depend on the features of the machine and the dealer.

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